Salisbury 156 Premium Series 6 inch Leather Protector

These protectors are made from specially tanned Grade A Red Boulevard buffed leather and an orange colored SALCOR “Super Cuff” in the 4” (102 mm) and 6” (152 mm) cuff lengths. The “Super Cuff” has better characteristics than leather or vinyl cuffs: it does not absorb water, has greater track resistance, and creepage.

Features & Benefits:

● All Salisbury Leather Protectors meet ASTM F696 standards.

● WARNING: Do not use leather protectors alone for protection against electric shock. Serious injury or death will result. Always use a properly rated insulating glove for the voltage being worked.

● Proper care of leather protectors is essential to user safety. Inspect the leather protectors when inspecting rubber gloves. Metal particles, imbedded wire, abrasive materials or any substance that could physically damage the rubber gloves must be removed from the protector before use.

Cuff Length: 6′, OAL Length: 14′, Available in dual sizes: 8/8.5, 9/9.5, 10/10.5, 11/11.5, 12


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