3M Hook and Loop Fastener MP3526N/MP3527N


3M Hook and Loop Fastener MP3526N/MP3527N

  • Mini pack version (1 in. x 4.9 yds.) dispenses one strip each of 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3526N and 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3527N.
  • Great for small jobs, storage and easy dispensing.
  • Woven nylon hook fastener provides great design flexibility and fast product assembly.
  • High performance rubber-based adhesive offers fast tack, very good shear strength and bonds to a variety of substrates, including plastics.
  • Alternative solution to zippers, screws, snaps and more.
  • Features good temperature resistance of 120°F (49°C).
  • Best suited for indoor use.


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