Telescopic Poles-BMTS

Sofamel BMTS Telescopic Pole

Telescopic multiple section pole made of reinforced fibreglass tube with variable circular shape that allows to wedge automatically each section. The upper section is filled in with foam according to IEC 60855. The length of each section can be adjusted as needed by means of an adjustment system with locking handles.

All models are supplied with Universal head and maneuvering hook.

The A section must be always unfolded to be used.

  1. Mod. BMTS-4/6
  2. Mod. BMTS-5/9
  3. Mod. BMTS-6/12
  4. Mod. BMTS-15/45
  5. Mod. BMTS-20/66
  6. Mod. BMTS-30/132


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