Tesa Extra Power Universal Duct Tape

Tesa Tape 56389

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Tesa 56389 Extra Power Universal is a versatile duct tape with extra bonding power. Ideal for handicrafts, repairing, fastening, bundling and marking, and more.

  • For handicrafts, repairing, fastening, bundling, strengthening, marking and much more
  • For daily uncomplicated solutions and quick & easy repairs
  • Very good adhesion to all types of surfaces
  • Weather-resistant for in-and outdoor applications
  • Tearable by hand
  • Solvent-free

Tesa Extra Power Universal is a multi-purpose duct tape characterized by extra strong bonding power. It is an excellent extra power duct tape and a versatile repairing tape that matches a wide range of applications. While it stands out for its superior strength, this duct tape can easily be torn by hand and is therefore always ready for quick repairs, handicrafts, fastening, bundling, strengthening, marking and much more. Being a universal repairing tape for indoor and outdoor applications, it is sufficiently weather resistant and sticks to almost any surface.


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